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(Book 1)
Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien & Lori Bastien - Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Bastien Piano for Adults Cover

(Book 1)
Jane Smisor Bastien, Lisa Bastien & Lori Bastien - Neil A. Kjos Music Company
To teach piano basics, the Bastiens have created a new, rich course designed specifically for adult beginners. Lessons, theory, technic, and sight reading are combined in one easy-to-use, spiral-bound book. The series is gradually paced to ensure student confidence and success. The variety of music, custom selected for adults, includes famous classic themes, folk songs, spirituals, ragtime, blues, boogie, jazz, and Bastien originals that teach the basics in a straightforward, yet innovative manner. Accompaniment CDs for Bastien Piano for Adults were created to musically enhance student practice, thus making piano study more enjoyable. In addition to adding excitement, variety, and motivation for the student, the CDs help improve understanding of phrasing, balance, rhythm, and pulse. Even beginning students can play along with a jazz band, a symphony, or a rock group! Bastien Christmas for Adults, Books 1 & 2 are collections of sacred and popular Christmas classics. Book 1 begins with a thorough overview of posture and hand position, the keyboard, and basic rhythms.  The student starts playing short pre-reading tunes with letter names in noteheads, one hand at a time. Soon, the grand staff is introduced with letter names still in noteheads and the student plays in C Major position.  Gradually the letter names are eliminated and the student plays in various hand positions (middle C, G Major, F Major, A Minor) and progresses to the early intermediate level by the end of the book.  
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PR-EIPre-Reading-Early Intermediate
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PR-EIPre-Reading-Early Intermediate
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PR-EIPre-Reading-Early Intermediate
Christmas for Adults Book 

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PR-EIPre-Reading-Early Intermediate
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PR-EIPre-Reading-Early Intermediate
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