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HARLAN, B - Jubilate Music Group, LLC
Blessed Be the Name                 Cover

HARLAN, B - Jubilate Music Group, LLC
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Editors Choice Selection Publisher Desc.  Blessed Be the Name (A Melody of Praise) is a general anthem that beautifully weds the refrains of three popular nineteenth century hymns. It may be performed as a choral anthem or as a congregational hymn, with piano accompaniment alone or with additional guitar, bass, and drums. Suggested corressponding lectionary readings include Psalms 99, 111 & 118: 26-29, Colossians 1: 20 & 3: 17, and Phillipians 2: 1-11. One basic homiletical theme is praising God, the Creator, Savior and Sustainer of all.
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