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(Musicmap Series)
Hyun-Kyung Youm - Koomzaal
Carnival of the Animals  Cover

(Musicmap Series)
Hyun-Kyung Youm - Koomzaal
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The Musicmap method is a fun and effective way for young children to learn pre-reading musical notation. Musicmap Series: Carnival of the Animals is an innovative resource that is based upon the idea of active music listening. The musical themes are adapted from the orchestral work by Camille Saint Saens. Of the 14 pieces in the suite, Royal March of the Lion; Turtle; Kangaroos; The Cuckoo in the Depths of the Woods and The Swan were chosen for these hands-on listening activities. This series encourages children to actively interact with the essence of the music by simultaneously seeing and touching symbolic notes. Using the senses in this way offers an unsurpassed opportunity for children to enjoy classical music, as well as to sharpen their concentration skills. Designed by music and early childhood specialist Dr. Hyun-Kyung Youm, the five books in the kit introduce the Musicmap concept, in which pictures and patterns visually present the length and pitch of the notes of the melody in each piece. The sensory materials attached to each symbolic note express the feelings of the tone and allow children to learn naturally by touch as part of the hands-on activities. Included in the kit are music activity programs, a teacher's guide containing suggested preliminary and follow-up activities for each of the five animal themes, as well as main activities. There are seven activities for each animal. The enclosed CD was recorded by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. Musicmap Series: Carnival of the Animals has been receiving high praise from education experts in music, art, literature, fine arts, and related areas. It can be used in elementary schools, preschools, day-care centers and music institutions. Regardless of group size, these materials will help children to develop their imagination, creativity, concentration and musicianship. The kit includes:

  • MusicmapTeacher Book
  • 20 1/2" x 30" poster (features all the pictures of the Musicmap book so it can be used for group lessons
  • Folder (smaller linear version of the Musicmap book that may be mounted on a wall)
  • 5 beautifully designed hardcover Musicmap books - Kangaroo, Turtle, Cuckoo, Swan, and Lion
  • 5 Kangaroo finger-puppets
  • 5 Turtle finger-puppets
  • 5 Swan finger-puppets
  • 5 Lion headbands
  • 5 Cuckoo pop-ups
  • 1 card for each animal - Kangaroo, Turtle, Cuckoo, Swan, and Lion
  • 1 card for each instrument - piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and clarinet
  • 1 composer flashcard portrait of Camille Saint-Saens
  • CD recording of five of the 14 movements of Carnival of the Animals recorded by the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra
  • CD-ROM video demonstration of how to use the Musicmap books. >
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