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Steve Moore, Rob Howard & David Guthrie - Little Big Stuff Music
Steve Moore, Rob Howard & David Guthrie - Little Big Stuff Music
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It's 1954, and at Big Bill's Drive-In restaurant, where the waitstaff sings your order and the Christmas decorations stay up all year long, excitement has never been higher. They've just won the network's Christmas at the Drive-In contest and will host the live telecast of the Rock & Roll Christmas TV Special! While the staff gets the drive-in spruced up for the show, the customers don their best leather jackets and poodle skirts, and the TV audience is adjusting the rabbit ears and popping the Jiffy Pop, everyone is about to get a big surprise. How is it that a simple pageant proclaiming the birth of Jesus the Savior replaces the Rock & Roll Special, and who are those singing waitresses who steal the show in place of Rock & Roll's biggest stars? It all comes to pass with '50s fun, Christmas charm, cool tunes, and joy to the world in Carol and the Belles, the newest kids' musical from Little Big Stuff.

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