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Amy / Webb - Warming Sun Music Publishing
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Publisher Desc.  "Cat-astrophe" is a fun, educational band work that any cat lover can relate to, especially if their furry friend enjoys running through their house in the middle of the night, yowling the song of it's people for no reason whatsoever, thereby waking everyone in a two-mile radius. Written in the key of concert B-flat, Cat-astrophe opens with the iconic ringing of Westminster Chimes, indicating the earliness of the hour. After the clock chimes three A.M., the yowling begins from the cats. As the work moves along, each instrument lends his/her unique caterwaul to the mix, until finally, the cat is told to scram! This band selection is easily accessible to 7-8th graders and even high school students, but challenging enough to keep the band interested. The ranges are comfortable throughout the piece, but accidentals aboundmainly, D# and F# for the flute section, and D#s for the trumpets and clarinets. The tubas and low brass get an interesting part, too, instead of just a bunch of whole notes! The piece allows students to practice playing in a "swing style," gives the trombone section a chance to play those awesome glissandos that they love, and also allows the trumpet players to utilize their straight mutes and, at no extra charge, every band student gets to meow!
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