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G.F. Handel - Theodore Presser Co
Coach Me Messiah Cover

G.F. Handel - Theodore Presser Co
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If you're looking to perform a selection from Handel's great work, this is just the way to do it!  Each CD set is beautifully put together by voice part,  and all solos for the full work are represented.  The CD includes a track for pronunciation, a track for rehearsal in which the vocal line is dominantly played against the piano accompaniment, and a track for full performance for each Air and Arioso.  The rehearsal tracks are played under tempo, and the full performance tracks progressively take the performer up to speed.  This is a one-of-a-kind resource that every vocalist will find valuable, especially when you need to prepare something in a hurry from your repertoire,  and you don't have an accompanist available.  It's a fast and easy way to increase your performance library ten fold!
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