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(Studies in Style & Technique)
Mike Block - Berklee Press
Contemporary Cello Etudes Cover

(Studies in Style & Technique)
Mike Block - Berklee Press
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Learn the contemporary techniques and practices of the modern cello. The collection is a vital exploration of 21st-century cello techniques that every contemporary cellist should know when playing music outside of the standard classical repertoire. By exploring techniques such as chopping, pizzicato, improvisation, chords, ornaments, modes, polyrhythmic playing, and more, you will be prepared to play in a variety of contexts, including folk, rock, funk, jazz, world music and accompanying yourself while singing.

Compiled and edited by Mike Block, this volume of etudes contains pieces composed by: Ashley Bathgate, Mike Block, Stephen Braun, Rufus Cappadocia, Rushad Eggleston, Erik Friedlander, Eugene Friesen, Natalie Has, Giovanni Sollima, Mark Summer, Jacob Szekley, Matt Turner and Jeffrey Zeigler. Forward by Yo-Yo Ma.

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