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Conversational Solfege

(Revised Edition)
John Feierabend - GIA Publications
Conversational Solfege Cover

Conversational Solfege

(Revised Edition)
John Feierabend - GIA Publications
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Completely redesigned and enhanced, this is the premier series for teaching solfege. With the Conversational Solfege approach, music literacy starts with great literature and an "ear-before-eye" philosophy that correlates with the National Standards. Great songs are broken down into their component parts and then reassembled so that students can bring greater musical understanding to everything they do. The teacher's and students' components have been completely redesigned to make using this program even more engaging. Also new to this edition is an extensive assessment section, making it easy to track the progress of every student. Varied song material from America's diverse history assures the teacher an excellent selection of music at all levels. This 12-step teaching method carefully brings students from readiness to creating music through inner hearing to transferring their musical thoughts into notation - in other words, composing music! The new Enhanced Package includes all materials from the Conversational Solfege line of products plus: Word Wall (second edition); The Book of Canons; The Book of Song Dances; The Book of Song Tales for Upper Grades and The Book of Playground Songs and Rhymes.

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Full Song List
  • March of the Toreadors by George Bizet
  • Slavonic Dance by Antonin Dvorak
  • Russian Dance by Igor Stravinsky
  • Morning by Edvard Grieg
  • Minuet by George Frideric Handel
  • Waltz by Johann Strauss II
  • Minuet in G by J.S. Bach
  • Westminster Chimes
  • Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • The Moldau by Bedrich Smetana
  • The Wild Horseman by Robert Schumann
  • Anitra's Dance by Edvard Grieg
  • Violin Concerto in D by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Symphony No. 6 by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Roses from the South by Johann Strauss II
  • Symphony No. 1 by Johannes Brahms
  • Polovtsian Dance by Alexander Borodin
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Etude for Piano by Frederic Chopin
  • Natoma's Dagger Dance by Victor Herbert
  • Ground in D Major by Henry Purcell
  • Violin Concert in D by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Sumer is Icumen In
  • Sympony No. 9, "From the New World" by Antonin Dvorak
  • Pachelbel Canon by Johann Pachelbel
  • Kaiser Waltz by Johann Strauss II
  • Marmotte by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Autumn - Four Season by Antonio Vivaldi