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Richard Wagner / Bradley Kerr Green - Print Music Source

Richard Wagner / Bradley Kerr Green - Print Music Source
Publisher Desc.  German composer and theater director Richard Wagner, who is most widely known for his unique harmonic language and his tremendous output of operas (or, as he preferred to call them, "music dramas"), wrote Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral for the wedding scene in the opera Lohengrin. Elsa, the bride, has promised to marry a mysterious knight who appeared as foretold in her dreams. He conquers Antwerp's would-be invaders and is made protector of the dominion. He promises to marry Elsa if she swears to never ask his name or origin. At the wedding, political enemies of the couple spread vicious rumors about the groom, causing stir and scandal. Given the accusations, Elsa briefly doubts her ability to marry, but she reaffirms her devotion and commits to the knight. In a moment of turmoil and emotion, she breaks her promise and asks his name. He confides that his name is Lohengrin, and that he is a protector of the Holy Grail. He informs Elsa that he is duty-bound and cannot stay in Antwerp. Upon hearing that her love must abandon her, Elsa collapses and perishes. For decades, this work has been a staple in the repertoire of wind bands. Editions by both Lucian Cailliet and Mark Hindsley are still performed continually. Bradley Kerr Green's fresh new transcription brings a contemporary scoring yet still captures the wonderful sonoritiesthat Wagner created in his original orchestration.
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