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(Reading Between the Notes)
Jameson Marvin - GIA Publications
Emotion in Choral Singing Cover

(Reading Between the Notes)
Jameson Marvin - GIA Publications
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Emotion in Choral Singing explores what it takes to truly experience the transcendent power of choral music and achieve genuine emotional connection between composer, performer, and listener. With unmatched detail and authority, legendary conductor Jameson Marvin surveys the history of singing, effective rehearsal, score study, repertoire selection, and the relationship between a composer's intentions, music notation, and expression. Specifically, this book looks at six complementary areas: Musical Gesture and Emotion - A Guide to Teaching and Performing; The Historical Roots of Singing - Notation and Expression; Performing Polyphony in the 21st Century; Style and Expression in Renaissance Choral Performance; The Conductor's Process; and Mastery of Choral Ensemble. A particularly noteworthy feature of this book is its emphasis on polyphony, which, Marvin reminds us, encourages an individual expressivity and musicality in singers that can be applied to all styles of choral music, making it as relevant and vital today as ever. Links to recordings included within this book provide a range of examples from throughout Marvin's career. Emotion in Choral Singing offers a new perspective on the choral art. It is chock-full of practical ideas, tips, and wisdom that will empower and inspire choral directors and musicians of all levels to achieve authentic emotional connection in their work.


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