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Tim Lautzenheiser - GIA Publications
Everyday Wisdom for Inspired Teaching Cover

Tim Lautzenheiser - GIA Publications

What are the secret ingredients of master teachers? If you were a student in your class, what would you be learning? Would it be both exciting and valuable? How do you create a disciplined classroom environment without becoming a dictator? How can failure become a pathway to success? What are the qualities of true leaders? Tim Lautzenheiser explores the real-world questions, fears, and doubts all outstanding educators have. In the process, he discovers a gold mine of opportunities for teachers to assess their own effectiveness and reach the highest levels possible. In four parts (The Art of Teaching; Developing an Attitude for Success; Teacher Leadership Skills; and Selection and Encouragement of Student Leaders), Tim calls teachers and administrators to action. He writes, "It is easy to 'dream the dream' and even exciting to sit down and 'draw up the plan,' but doing it, actually taking action, seems to be where many halt... Don't react: act."

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