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Jamey Aebersold / Luke Gillespie - Alfred Music Publishing

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Jamey Aebersold / Luke Gillespie - Alfred Music Publishing
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By Jamey Aebersold, adapted by Luke Gillespie. Why should horn players have all of the fun? Now, the number one selling Jazz Improvisation book in the world has a whole new look! Introducing a new version of Jamey's world famous Volume 1: How to Play Jazz and Improvise, completely revised and specifically tailored for you by jazz pianist Luke Gillespie of the prestigious IU school of music. This edition is perfectly aligned with the original classic Sixth Edition that introduced tens of thousands of musicians to essential jazz fundamentals such as scale/chord relationships, note choices, etc. In this special edition, however, the text has been carefully edited and rewritten to speak specifically to pianists. The musical examples have been rewritten, as well, in grand staff format and include suggested left-hand and two had voicing examples to be played with the CD tracks. The first play-a-long/demonstration CD includes special stereo separations, allowing the piano to be eliminated so that the student can play along with bassist Rufus Reid and drummer Jonathan Higgins. The second CD includes the same play-a-long tracks as the first CD, but at slower practice tempos. A complete package for the beginning jazz pianist! 106 pages, spiral bound for easy opening.

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