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(33 Songs for Children)
Kevin Stannard - Oxford University Press

(33 Songs for Children)
Kevin Stannard - Oxford University Press
Designed for children in the 7-11 age range, this excellent resource is organized in five sections. I. Chant It and Sing features songs from around the world which derive from rhythmic chanting, including canons; II. Exploring Two-part Harmony explores different ways of singing harmony, using mostly stepwise lines, ostinato rhythms, parallel second parts and descants. III. Around and Around is a selection of traditional and contemporary rounds, based on a range of themes, which draw on different musical styles. IV. Unison Songs covers a variety of folk traditions, exploring different meters and tonalities. V. Challenging Songs are somewhat more involved rhythmically, melodically and textually, and are intended to maintain the interest of better students. Each song in the book has supporting text notes that approach the teaching/learning process from six angles: Information; Starting; Teaching and Rehearsing; Ideas; Listen Out (troubleshooting) and Performing. Classroom instruments such as the recorder and ocarina are introduced, as well as Kodaly sol-fa hand signs. Your students will appreciate learning how to sing with this exceptional book and CD set!
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