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Mark Burrows - Lorenz Corporation
Just Jams Cover

Mark Burrows - Lorenz Corporation
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In this collection Mark Burrows has taken fundamental rhythms from various countries and regions and has built engaging and accessible jams. These jams can be used to strengthen students' rhythm skills, in drum circles, or as a change of pace in a choir concert or other performance. Meaningful speech parts for each jam are included, allowing for a teaching process of speech to body percussion to playing, as are suggestions for developing each jam into a performance piece. Diverse rhythms from West Africa, Brazil and Cuba are included, as are Gaelic, Hawaiian and Rock 'n' Roll rhythms, and even spoken word "slams" to Mother Goose rhymes to name just a few. Just Jams is also diverse in instrumentation, featuring jams for the Orff instrumentarium, Boomwhackers and sound effects in addition to those for drums and other nonpitched percussion instruments.

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