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Korg Dolcetto Orchestral Clip-On Tuner/Metronome Cover

Korg - Korg USA Inc
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The Dolcetto series of tuners are the orchestral instrument models in Korg's AW series of clip-on tuners. They can be clipped directly to the bell or other part of an instrument for convenient tuning. The Dolcetto series delivers the high accuracy and sensitivity that you expect from Korg tuners. The line-up now contains three new models: the Dolcetto (AW3M), which features all-around support for large and small orchestral instruments; the Dolcetto-T (AW3T), which is optimized for attachment to a trumpet or trombone; and the Dolcetto-V (AW3V), with a special clip and dedicated mode for violin and viola. They feature a new type of display that is designed for excellent visibility from any angle. There's also a rhythm function that you can use for rhythm training.

Other features include: a Calibration function that supports all concert pitches; an Auto Power-Off function that saves the battery even if you forget to turn off the unit; a Memory Back-up function; easy-to-understand operation, with buttons placed on the front; and high durability that stands up to impact and aging. There is also a transposition function on the Universal model. Choose the Dolcetto Clip-On Metronome/Tuner that is appropriate for your instrument - it will be a constant companion that will support your performance for many years!

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