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Christopher Fox - Christopher Fox Music
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Publisher Desc.  In 2016, a friend of a friend contacted me to ask if I would be willing to write a memorial piece for an eighth grade student who had unexpectedly passed away. I was honored to be a part of such a beautiful project. I asked her if she could have Peter's friends and teachers write about him. After reading through the writings, I found common themes that ran through everyone's writing. Many talked about him being 'very proud to be a ginger (red-head).' They talked of his sense of humor, how hed light the room up when he walked in, his calming effect on the tensest situation, etc. My goal was to create a song in the style of an Irish Blessing (without being overtly Irish) in which he would Live On. The violin part was important in accomplishing this effect. There are two melodies and a choral refrain (sometimes on 'oo') that run through the piece. Each voice has a piece of the melody and simple harmonies are built around those melodies. The Refrain is used as 'his song' and at the end of the piece, the Refrain is sung (with words) a cappella and then repeated (on 'oo') with an optional narration taken from Charles Sumner by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. A violin obligato bridges the different sections of the song. It is important to note that while the composition was written for the tragic loss of a child, it by no means is only for that occasion. It is a song that can be sung to remember or honor someone and their impact on our life (retiring teacher, graduating students, etc.) in any concert, carrying on Peter's legacy.
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