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(Setting the Scene for Success)
Michael Gallina - Shawnee Press
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(Setting the Scene for Success)
Michael Gallina - Shawnee Press
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Here's a superb book!  It's a handy, illustrated "how-to" book for constructing sets and props for children's musicals.  It is written by Michael Gallina, who in addition to being a strong creative influence in dozens of musicals co-written with his wife Jill, is also a trained musician and elementary school principal.  Each suggestion in this book is easy to understand, easy to implement and, above all, practical!  Designed primarily for school use, patterns are included for a variety of scenes including Santa's workshop, castle wall, shipboard, evergreen forest, tropical island, street scenes and more.  Also included are movable set pieces mounted on chair carts, flats, flip-flop sets, mobile sets, and even make-your-own inflatable monsters!  This book is a "must" for every elementary, middle school and junior high director who has ever done or is thinking about doing a musical!
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