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MiDisaurus is the award-winning multimedia music learning system designed for music beginners by music educators. With over 500 entertaining activities in Volumes 1-8, MiDisaurus provides a complete basic music curriculum for children ages 4-11. An "edutainment" approach holds the child's interest with colorful animation, fun-filled games, songs and activities. MiDisaurus develops real music skills, an understanding of music in relation to history and culture and the ability to be musically creative. MiDisaurus is an Emma Award winner, the most prestigious international interactive media award. Judges, in the category of "Education & Home Learning - up to 11 years," commented that MiDisaurus is very simple to use and extremely user friendly. The series is comprehensive and thoroughly engaging. It is the best possible computer software to teach music to this age group." The hybrid CD-ROMs work with nearly all current MAC and Windows computers. MiDisaurus is the fun way to teach kids musical skills that will last a lifetime! The complete MiDisaurus series includes an additional four "Focus Volumes" designed for school and private teacher use.

  • Rhythm consists of new games and activities that drill on note and rest values from whole to sixteenth (including dotted values), tempo and time signatures.
  • Notation includes a mix of new and excerpted games and activities that tutor dynamics, accents, ties & slurs, articulation, accidentals, key signatures and sight reading.
  • Instruments and Composers are completely excerpted from Volumes 1-8.
  • Instruments explores the instruments of the orchestra and instruments from around the world.
  • Composers explores musical forms and representative works by the great composers.
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