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Neotech - OPTECH USA
Neotech Pad-It Strap Cover

Neotech - OPTECH USA
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The unique features of Neotech's Pad-It Strap make playing your instrument more enjoyable. The generous width of the neck pad [2.5 inches (6.4 cm)] helps to relieve pressure from a heavy instrument. The padded non-stretch neck pad uses high-tech memory foam to cushion your neck and shoulders. The memory foam conforms to your neck and shoulders eliminating uncomfortable pressure points. There is nothing worse than an unforgiving strap pushing a shirt button or necklace clasp into your neck. The memory foam envelops the button or clasp preventing them from being pressed into your neck. Also by conforming to the curve of your neck and shoulders the memory foam distributes the instrument's weight over a larger surface area. This avoids uncomfortable pressure points. The memory foam is antimicrobial and wicks away moisture to help keep you cooler. Enjoy playing in long gigs with this comfortable and secure strap.

The Pad-It Strap is easy to attach with a choice of three hook styles: the ever-popular swivel hook, the plastic-covered metal hook and the new loop connection (coming soon). These hooks fit a large array of instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, English horn, bassoon and oboe. The strap is fully adjustable and available in Regular and X-Long sizes. The Pad-It Strap looks and feels great while providing the support you need to move and groove.

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