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Phil & Lynne Brower / J. Daniel Smith - Great Stuff Music Company
Phil & Lynne Brower / J. Daniel Smith - Great Stuff Music Company
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"ONE SOLITARY LIFE"... Two thousand years ago, a Man was born contrary to the laws of nature. He was raised in obscurity yet reared in dignity... The child of a peasant woman and a carpenter man. He was neither wealthy nor influential, yet his humble birth threatened a mighty king. He had no formal education or training, yet as a man He astounded physicians and challenged the wisest of men. Today, He remains the central figure of human history, a timeless mystery of love.

"Of all of the armies that ever marched, of all the navies that ever sailed, of all the kings that have reigned," all the powers ordained of this world "together, have never affected, have never touched the life of man on this earth as much as has that ONE SOLITARY LIFE."

Available for purchase - the complete musical book or individual songs (under separate listings). For fully orchestrated Accompaniment and Listening Tracks, please visit


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