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Michael D. Blostein - Michael D Blostein

Michael D. Blostein - Michael D Blostein
Publisher Desc.  This work was written as a commission, with some special requests in mind. First, that some less-often used techniques be involved. Full-bowed harmonics are used beginning at 41, which can be engraved in whatever manner you would prefer. Also, col legno appears at 57, which can be replaced with pizzicato if students are worried about bow damage or if the volume needs to be raised.  The work alters between 4 and 3, hopefully leaving the group and audience prepared but in an off-kilter sort of way. The original motive set forth in the first measures is used throughout the work, and the piece is designed as a type of theme-and-variations on a four note theme. The section at 76 is a transition, recalling the previous idea, but leading to the final statement in 6/8 time. The final conclusion has the pitches moving closer until they are at perfect octaves throughout, then altered rhythmically until the final statement at the dominant of the original.  The first violins are required to shift into 5th position otherwise, the work is straight-forward. It focuses on the half-step, and requires various finger patterns throughout. Intonation is a must, and the parts need to be independently strong. A solid medium-level work.
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