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This is an incredible theory program! "Practica Musica" could be used as a complete theory course if desired, and even comes with a textbook, "Exploring Theory with Practica Musica," that starts out with the basics and progresses all the way through college-level theory. The new version includes an exceptional feature that let's you design custom activities for your students building off of existing exercises in the program. And, you can upload your activities to the publisher's web site for others to use (and download new activities that others have posted). Starting with the basics of notation, interval recognition, pitch reading and more, the program can take you into serious music theory topics like four-part composition, hearing altered chords, complex dicatation, transposition and more. Student performance is tracked by the program, and recorded on either a separate student disk or on files within the computer (additional disks and/or files can be reordered if needed). The Site License edition can be launched from a file server if desired. "Practica Musica" has been called "A sensational learning program" by MacUser magazine!
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