Rhythm Rescue!

Lynn M. Brinckmeyer - Shawnee Press
Rhythm Rescue! Cover

Rhythm Rescue!

Lynn M. Brinckmeyer - Shawnee Press

The backbone of any piece of music is the rhythmic foundation.  One of the biggest challenges for singers is being able to see and immediately reproduce a correct rhythm.  This book has two sections: Isolated Rhythm Activities and Rhythms and Pitches.  Many of the songs include traditional folk songs which is an added bonus.  All the strategies are intended to support the required curriculum and state and national music standards.  Most of the activities are interchangeable with the different songs in the book and can also be transferred to barred instruments, non-pitched percussion instruments and performance literature.  Take this powerhouse book of ideas, build upon them modify and adapt to whatever is needed to get your students successfully reading and creating rhythms.

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