Shelly Berg, Lou Fischer, Fred Hamilton & Steve Houghton - Alfred Music Publishing
Rhythm Section Workshop for Jazz Directors Cover

Shelly Berg, Lou Fischer, Fred Hamilton & Steve Houghton - Alfred Music Publishing
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The energy core of any jazz ensemble or small group is the rhythm section! It radiates the groove, time and essence of the music. This outstanding and comprehensive series includes introductions, explanations, and instructions on the essential elements of performance, such as style, performance tips, and genres required for the solid understanding of what is required of a successful member of this vital part of the jazz group. There is also a play-along piece at the end of each chapter for reinforcement and further development of appropriate skills. The seven genres covered in this excellent method for your rhythm section are: swing, Bossa Nova, rock, shuffle, samba, funk and ballad. Additional topics include: volume, knowing when not to play, how to keep time as a rhythm section, and effective comping. Each student book includes reproducible pages and a compact disc. The optional DVD is included with the complete set and is also available separately. The CD offers examples of jazz grooves, complex rhythms, and accompaniment tracks for the play-alongs. Demonstrations of the examples are effectively presented by a driving rhythm section on the DVD. The complete kit includes: the Training Kit plus Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Supplemental Melody Book, and Director's Book with CD and DVD. Each book is authored by a professional musician and teacher in the respective performance area. The entire jazz ensemble will reap huge rewards when the rhythm section plays as a cohesive unit and comprehends the elements of the chart being performed! Very highly recommended! 

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