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Native Instruments/Sibelius - Avid Technology
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Native Instruments/Sibelius - Avid Technology
Kontakt Gold's sounds cover woodwind, brass, keyboards, percussion, strings, voice and guitars; just about everything you'll need for orchestral, band, jazz, vocal, chamber, rock & pop music. A world of musical instruments is included, from piccolo to Bosendorfer piano to female choir - plus more specialized sounds such as bass clarinet, flugelhorn, marching toms and handbells. Strings are provided in sectional and solo versions, plus techniques such as col legno and sul ponticello. Other special sounds include different sung vowels, drum rolls, cymbal techniques, and picked & fingered guitars. Whatever kind of music you write, you'll find Kontakt Gold brings every score to life.
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System Requirements  
Requires 620Mb hard disk space (in addition to Sibelius); Windows XP (or some Windows 2000 configurations); Mac OS 10.3.9 or later. Additionally: For scores that use up to about 8 different sounds: Windows: 700MHz processor or faster, 256Mb+ RAM, preferably ASIOcompatible sound card Mac: G4/G5, 512Mb+ RAM For scores that use up to about 20 different sounds in Kontakt Gold: Windows: 2.5GHz processor or faster, 512Mb+ RAM. ASIO-compatible sound card strongly recommended (not sound chip on motherboard), preferably separate graphics card Mac: 1.2GHz processor or faster, 1Gb+ RAMScores that use reverb or more than 20 different sounds will need a faster processor and more RAM
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