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iZotope - Hal Leonard Corporation
Spire Studio Mobile Recording Device Cover

iZotope - Hal Leonard Corporation
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Perfect for any classroom, the Spire Studio is a rechargeable, portable recording interface with a built-in microphone, plus the capability of adding two external microphones for additional sound capture. It is the perfect tool and interface for choral, band, and orchestra directors as well as classroom teachers to record rehearsals, classroom projects, and performances quickly and easily. The simple interface and the ability to control the device with a phone or tablet using the free app also makes it easy to share recordings immediately with students and others to use for assessment, self review, or for posting to social media. Because Spire Studio has built-in memory and its own rechargeable battery, teachers can take the recorder anywhere their students are performing without having to worry about setting up a computer or finding the nearest power source. iZotope engineered Spire to include many of their award-winning software titles integrated with the hardware for even more foolproof operation. This simple recording studio fits in the palm of your hand, allowing you to record studio-quality tracks anytime and anywhere. With push-button simplicity, there are no tech barriers to overcome and no momentum-killing setup required. Easy integration with phones or tablets Spire means anyone can create and share quality recordings. The interface is capable of setting the microphone gain automatically and applying intelligent EQ and background noise cancellation when necessary.

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