Super Solfege Seven!

Matthew Gawronski - Matthew Gawronski
Super Solfege Seven! Cover

Super Solfege Seven!

Matthew Gawronski - Matthew Gawronski

Don't let the name scare you away! Perfect for any classroom or ensemble, Super Solfege Seven is a fun bingo-style solfege and rhythm identification/audiation game that you and your students will love - and it will help your students build those critical audiation skills. Students attempt to correctly identify various four-beat pitch and rhythm patterns and then cross out the accompanying notation on their game card handouts. As a bonus, after the game, the backs of the game cards have prearranged staffs where students can create their own melodies using the examples they just identified. There are ten unique game card handouts in the download, so you can play time and time again. The video explains and takes students through all aspects of the game - run time 20 minutes.

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Publisher ID: MG3
6-12Gr. 6-Gr. 12
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