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Jiang Weijie - Hage Musikverlag

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Jiang Weijie - Hage Musikverlag
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Publisher Desc.  This unique collection contains the 100 most important studies of the greatest and most well-known composers for classical guitar. With works by Sor, Carcassi, Carulli and many more, this book is part of the standard teaching repertoire and belongs in the music library of every classical guitarist. This compilation is the result of many years of research and the painstaking viewing of hundreds of studies. Only those pieces with a high educational value were selected. In this way a study collection was created which is unique in this quality and in such depth. The exercises illustrate the most important guitar techniques, evoke fascination when they are played and sound excellent. Which is why people like practising them often. In the arrangements of the notes and fingerings, the author was able to draw on his full experience as a successful soloist and guitar teacher. The notation of the pieces comes in two versions with and without fingering. This makes the book ideal both for conventional guitar lessons and for self-study. The compilation of pieces is rich in variation and contains exercises in different degrees of difficulty, from easy, to medium, to difficult. All the etudes were expertly performed by Klaus Jackle and the recordings can be found on the two enclosed CDs.
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