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G. Gustafson - Neil A. Kjos Music Company
The Art of Guitar: Beginning Class Method Cover

G. Gustafson - Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Publisher Desc.  The ultimate solution for teaching beginning guitar in middle school and high school class settings. From Mr. Gustafson's experience as a class guitar instructor, he has designed a unique approach to learning to play the guitar. Beginning on day one, students become acquainted with the basics of beat, rhythm, and musical communication by turning their guitars into percussion instruments. Clear, full-color illustrations introduce the guitar in an engaging manner, and help students develop correct hand and playing positions.The Art of Guitar introduces the three basics of guitar music notation - staff, tablature, and chord charts - in a visual, easy-to-understand manner. Notes, chords, and bass tones are introduced systematically in the context of guitar-friendly keys, and each new key is reinforced with songs and technical exercises. Most exercises and songs are also interactive allowing students to fill in the tablature or draw in the bar lines. The musical examples range from French Renaissance dances to the blues and are arranged to be played in three parts: melody strummed chordal accompaniment and bass line. The Art of Guitar - Teacher's Edition presents teacher tips, suggested supplementary activities, and references to duplicate worksheets and quizzes in the back of the book which reinforce new concepts and music theory. Meeting the call for a multicultural approach to music expressed in America's National Standards for Art Education, The Art of Guitar includes a wide variety of well-known folk songs from around the world and provides cultural and historical background for each song. Upon completing the method, students will have an appreciation and understanding of music and the basic tools for advancing to any other guitar music style of their choice.
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