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Teresa Jennings & Karl Hitzemann - Plank Road Publishing
The Greatest Snowman Cover

Teresa Jennings & Karl Hitzemann - Plank Road Publishing
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Every 100 years, Santa Claus takes Christmas off. Having been around the world thousands of times, he's really looking forward to a staycation, and who could blame him? The tricky part of this is, of course, finding a substitute to take over his Christmas Eve duties, namely delivering gifts to good little children all around the world – in one night. It's a challenging task, and choosing the right replacement is equally challenging. Santa accepts applications and resumes from an odd collection of candidates that he must then sort through. Surely one of them is great enough to win the honor! As our story begins, some of the final candidates are interviewing for the job. The final candidate, a rather shy and quiet character, seems to be the subject of some disagreeable comments from the others. They are quite rude and imply that he hasn't got a snowball's chance of getting the job. He is not daunted by their bullying, and in fact, only sends them loving thoughts in return. Santa witnesses the exchange and is touched by the candidate's big heart and gentle nature and selects him for the honor. With lots of suggestions for making a terrific performance, the Performance Pak Kit w/CD includes the teacher's handbook with piano/vocal scores and reproducible student parts along with a P/A recording.

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