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The Music Technology Cookbook

(Ready-Made Recipes for the Classroom)
Adam Patrick Bell - Oxford University Press
The Music Technology Cookbook book cover

The Music Technology Cookbook

(Ready-Made Recipes for the Classroom)
Adam Patrick Bell - Oxford University Press

Featuring 56 lessons by music technology experts from around the world, this all-in-one guide to the world of music technology covers topics like composition (with digital audio workstations such as Ableton, Soundtrap, GarageBand); production skills such as recording, editing, and equalization; creating multimedia (ringtones, soundscapes, audiobooks, sonic brands, jingles); beatmaking; DJing; programming (Minecraft, Scratch, Sonic Pi, p5.js); and designing instruments (MaKey MaKey). Each lesson is tailored for easy use and provides a short description of the activity, keywords, materials needed, time required, detailed instructions, modifications for learners, learning outcomes, assessment considerations, and recommendations for further reading. Music educators will appreciate the book's organization into five sections - Beatmaking and Performance; Composition; Multimedia and Interdisciplinary; Production; Programming - which are further organized by levels Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Written for all educational contexts from community organizations and online platforms to universities and colleges, this offers a recipe for success at any level. (See list of activities by chapter below.)

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