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Stefan Dunser - Hage Musikverlag
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Publisher Desc.  Step by step, beginners learn how to play the trumpet joyfully and with enthusiasm. Many new, but also approved methodical processes are elaborated into this book. Within the last years, Trumpet Fox became one of the most successful tutorial books. The complete school comprises of 3 volumes and is ideal for both, individual or class lessons and as well for self study. It is also suitable for Flugelhorn, Cornet or Tenor Horn.International Top Teachers like Reinhold Friedrich, Dr Stanley Friedman and Bo Nilsson recommend our school, simply because the concept of the Trumpet Fox really works. A wide variety of superb solo pieces and duets, musically valuable etudes, technical-, flexibility- and embouchure related exercises contribute to the Art of playing a Trumpet and enable the student not only to play well, but also to sound good. One of the trademark gimmicks of the Trumpet Fox is a fair portion of humor. By means of many Comics, the attention and concentration of the student is drawn to where it should be: To the pleasure of making music. The enclosed CD contains Playbacks to many exercises, as practicing really makes fun, once you have a backup band in the background. Of course, all exercises can also be played without playback. Top Trumpet Players comment on the Trumpet Fox as follows: Reinhold Friedrich, one of the most popular solo trumpet players worldwide: Trumpet Fox is the beginner school because it merges profound expertise, a state-of-the-art methodical approach, a great portion of humor and delightful playing. Stefan Dunser created a casual, undogmatic school, which brings fun to students and teachers and thus enhances success. FINALLY! Dr Stanley Friedman, international composer, trumpeter, conductor and teacher: The three volumes of etudes by Stefan Dunser are a most successful and welcome addition to the pedagogical materials available to young trumpeters. While most such collections are remarkable for their dryness and intimidating demands, Herr Dunser's books present technical and musical challenges with lightness and wit. Above all, Dunser reminds both teacher and student that music is to be played, not worked! There is an important lesson here for all. Bo Nilsson, international Top-Teacher/Sweden: The school is excellent. I recommend it very often.
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