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Stefan Dunser - Hage Musikverlag
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Publisher Desc.  Trumpet Fox Volume 3 is intended to help the advanced student take the step from music school standard up to the level of literature used in professional studies. This volume is also very well-suited as preparation for competitions or a course of studies. Although it builds on the basis of the first two books in the series, it can also be studied parallel to volume 2. Volume 3 doesn't rush things in regard to learning different keys or the use of high notes. In this learning phase it's especially important for the student to learn to understand the inner nature of music and to also learn to love it. A central aspect in the education of any young musician is to get to know (and enjoy!) the differences in expression and style between the most varied musical genres. This means you need to learn to master all stylistic directions, whether baroque, classical, traditional or modern music. Of course the young trumpeter also needs to understand the differences between contemporary styles such as swing, rock or funk. Further thematic priorities are ornamentation techniques, transposing and double and triple tonguing.Top Trumpet Players comment on the Trumpet Fox as follows: Reinhold Friedrich, one of the most popular solo trumpet players worldwide: Trumpet Fox is the beginner school because it merges profound expertise, a state-of-the-art methodical approach, a great portion of humor and delightful playing. Stefan Dunser created a casual, undogmatic school, which brings fun to students and teachers and thus enhances success. FINALLY!Dr Stanley Friedman, international composer, trumpeter, conductor and teacher: The three volumes of etudes by Stefan Dunser are a most successful and welcome addition to the pedagogical materials available to young trumpeters. While most such collections are remarkable for their dryness and intimidating demands, Herr Dunser's books present technical and musical challenges with lightness and wit. Above all, Dunser reminds both teacher and student that music is to be played, not worked! There is an important lesson here for all.Bo Nilsson, international Top-Teacher/Sweden: The school is excellent. I recommend it very often.
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