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Donald Skirvin - Donald Skirvin

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Donald Skirvin - Donald Skirvin
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A director said the following about this piece, which was recently performed by a chorus of 3 - 6 graders: "Working on your piece was a great experience for me and the singers. It presented good vocal and musical challenges for this age group, all the while being beautiful and captivating--they were always willing to keep working on it!" Winter Circle is evocative and harmonically rich. The piano plays a constantly moving pattern while the voices float above it, like the stars in the Winter Circle itself. The lyrics consist of short descriptions of each star based on one or more of the following factors: color and brightness of the star; constellation in which the star is located; zodiacal sign reference; reference to the star in mythology or in another historical context such as the Dendera zodiac. To decode the lyrics, notice that the color always refers to the color of the star itself and may include another attribute. As an example, Aldebaran is referred to as the fiery eye of the Bull. It's fiery because the star color is red. And it's the eye of Taurus in the constellation of the same name, hence the reference to the eye of the Bull. The other lyrics can be decoded in a similar fashion. For more information, contact the composer. Winter Circle is the fourth movement of "Four Songs of the Seasons." The complete four-movement song cycle, written for two-part treble voices and piano, is also available through J. W. Pepper. 

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