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Yamaha - Yamaha Corporation of America
Yamaha P255 Digital Piano Cover

Yamaha - Yamaha Corporation of America
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The Yamaha P-255 contemporary digital piano is for all musicians looking for an instrument suitable for both serious practice and live performance. Thanks to its portable design and built-in speaker system, the P-255 can be played in any place or setting you desire, with or without external amplification. And with the first-of-its-kind Controller App for iOS, you can customize your piano sound or quickly adjust your favorite settings with touch-screen ease-of-use.

Piano quality to the satisfaction of even experienced pianists

Impressive Piano Voices Reproduce the Sensation of Playing a Concert Grand Piano

The P-255 uses the Pure CF Sound Engine to produce its piano Voices. As the only digital piano in our P-Series to feature the following three functions, the P-255 can also recreate the characteristic acoustics of the grand piano sound in a more realistic fashion.

Sustain Sampling- The resonance of the soundboard and strings heard when the damper pedal is used has been sampled in order to recreate this acoustic effect. The P-255 responds to how deep you depress the pedal.

String Resonance- When the hammer of a grand piano strikes its string, the other strings will also resonate. The P-255 can reproduce this effect using its String Resonance feature.

Synthetic Ivory Keytops – Built to be Played
With a heavier touch in the low keys and a lighter touch in the high keys.

Meticulous Acoustic Design

Sound can be adjusted for different playing environments

Sound Boost Button Instantly Provides More Volume With Greater Presence

EQ Sliders Adjust the Sound to Your Taste or Performance Environment

Additional Features Make Live Performances More Fun
Rhythm Tracks - The P-255 comes complete with ten different rhythm patterns.
Built-in speakers

Panel Lock button - The control panel can be temporarily locked to prevent settings being changed.

Adjustable response - The P-255 keyboard can also be set to four different sensitivity levels.
The P-255 Controller App for iOS

Many other practical, useful features for today's pianist
Maximum Polyphony of 256 Notes—Unsurpassed in the World of Digital Pianos

Built-in Piano Recording Studio

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