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Composer: Jonathan Laflamme

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Jonathan Laflamme has been composing and arranging music for a variety of genres from rock and roll charts to jazz and symphonic band. His compositions have been premiered by college and military bands. One composition in particular, 'American Veteran,' was donated to the United States Marine Corps School of Music, which prompted the USMC to send out one of their directors from Washington to receive the work which is currently awaiting assignment to one of the Marine Bands from their headquarters. Jonathan's compositions are usually programmatic in nature and create deep connections with his audiences during their performances. Jonathan has been a high school band director for 10 years, which enables him to write accessible yet challenging music that students, directors and audiences will enjoy! Jonathan holds a Bachelors degree in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, a Master of Music in Instrumental Conducting from St. Cloud State University, further composition studies from SCSU and education studies from North Dakota State University. Jonathan seeks to bring to life music through his compositions, enabling performers to get past notes and rhythms in the same way a reader gets past syntax and dives into the story. 'American Veteran' and 'Humility' are the two favorite programmatic works composed by Jonathan and his arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner, 'Our Nation's Anthem' is growing in popularity particularly with high school bands whose instrumentation varies from venue to venue. Jonathan's Bands have been awarded 'Best in Site' and received perfect scores at state contests, have been selected to perform for the state Music Educator's Convention (MMEA) and have toured internationally.

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