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Composer: Sy Brandon

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From performances of his music on NPR's "Performance Today" to the use of his music on TV's "Animal Planet" and MTV's "Never Before Scene", Sy Brandon's compositions and arrangements are as varied as they are accessible. His versatile ease in composing effectively for young musicians as well as professionals and his ability to utilize jazz and folk music in addition to writing in more abstract styles, enables his music to meet the needs of a wide variety of performers. Conductor, Larry Newland describes his music as "stirring, well written, and highly effective with its audience." His music has been performed live and via broadcast throughout the United States and abroad, including performances by the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force Bands. Sy Brandon has received numerous awards including first prize in WITF-FM's 25th Anniversary Composition Contest, Tuba Universal Brotherhood Association Tuba Etude Composition Contest, El Dorado Sacred Music Composition Contest, Franklin and Marshall College Wind Ensemble Composition Contest, and New England String Ensemble Competition. In 2010, he was awarded a commission from the Arizona Commission on the Arts to compose the band composition celebrating the Arizona Centennial during 2011-12. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonia Bulgarica and the Kiev Philharmonic have recorded his music. Sy Brandon (b. 1945) holds the rank of professor emeritus of music from Millersville University, Millersville, PA. He received his B.S. and M.S. in music education from Ithaca College and his A. mus. D. in composition from the University of Arizona.

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