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J:My Score:Mary Weathers

Composer: Mary Weathers

Mary is a native of Danville, VA and is a retired librarian. Mary currently resides in Durham, NC. Mary counts songwriting as a passionate hobby. Over the years she has taken organ, piano, and vocal lessons from local professionals. Her latest vocal coach was the grand niece of the late Mahalia Jackson and also serves on the Grammy board. Each has encouraged her to pursue her hobby and to offer her work for public consumption. She offers a range of songs, from serious gospel to light childrens songs. She wrote these seven songs as she went about her daily life. Two of them, "The Animals" and "Choo Choo Train", were composed while visiting the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina, with her son Eric. He loved seeing all the different animals and going on a train ride through the woods. Children will enjoy hearing these songs and singing along with them. "Eric, You Are My Baby" and "He's Gone from a Man-child" are songs that came to her while doing chores around the house. They are about her love for her son Eric and watching him grow from a boy to a man. They are suitable for everyone, and parents will especially appreciate them. "Marriage" is about her and her husband's commitment to each other after many years of being together. "His Children" and "He's Coming Back" express her religious faith. They are also suitable for everyone, and can be sung with children as part of religious education at home and church. She hopes that these songs which express what is important to her in life will bring you joy as you sing and play them.

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