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Composer: Roger MacNaughton

Acoustic Arts Custom Music

Roger MacNaughton is a performer, recording engineer/artist, and award-winning composer. As a composer, he has received the ArtPrize Jazz Award in 2012 and again in 2014 for instrumental compositions “Grand Traverse Bay” and “5 Mile Mountain.” In 2015, he won the popular vote for the ArtPrize jazz award for "Michigan Morn." His composition “Charlevoix Keepsake” was named Best Composition in the USA by Music Aid International and he has been selected Composer of the Year by the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts. With a discography totaling eight full-length instrumental CDs, pieces have been endorsed by numerous “music libraries” making them available for placement in film, TV, and video productions. MacNaughton also maintains an active performance schedule as a solo artist (piano) and in numerous groups spanning jazz to rock. He is Director of Music at Bostwick Lake Church in Rockford and owns the project recording studio Acoustic Arts Custom Music Production L.L.C. As the creative force behind Acoustic Arts, MacNaughton has penned, produced, and recorded the music underscore for the film documentary “The Gift of All,” an audio CD for the Lena Meijer Children’s Garden Grand Opening, and music for the Christian Reformed Church Sunday School Curriculum “Walk With Me.” In addition, the artist has been responsible for many scores used in commercial broadcast.

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