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This authorizes J.W. Pepper® to select and send music publications as specified in the balance of this order, to:

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    Publications supplied on this order will be priced no higher than the retail price prevailing at the time of shipment.

    Individual publications costing more than $ will not be supplied on this order. Notice of such items will be sent to the library.

    This order is to be for material released in the year or later.


    The library wishes to receive publications in the following categories:

    1. Group I: Music by contemporary composers, those active mainly after 1900.
      1. North American publications.
        1. Comprehensive coverage.
        2. Category 1 (well-recognized composers).
        3. Category 2 (less well-known composers).
        4. Category 3 (lesser-known composers).
        5. Supply reprints of works by well-known contemporary composers.
      2. European publications.
        1. Category 1 (well-recognized composers).
        2. Category 2 (less well-known composers).
        3. Category 3 (lesser-known composers).
    2. Group II: Music by earlier composers, active before 1900.
      1. North American publications.
        1. Comprehensive coverage.
        2. Supply only works by well known composers.
        3. Supply reprints of earlier editions of works by well known composers.
      2. European publications.
        1. Comprehensive coverage.
        2. Supply only works by well known composers.
    3. Group III: Popular music song folios, including Broadway, rock music, country and western, blues, and other similar categories.
      1. North American publications.
      2. European publications.
    4. Group IV : Music books: music history, music business and technology, music education, composers, and artists, analysis etc.

    1. Orchestral music.
      1. Study scores.
      2. Full scores.
    2. Chamber music
      1. Study scores.
      2. Score and parts for all ensembles.
      3. Score only where published separately, but supply score and parts where score is not made available separately.
      4. Supply multiple copies of performance score where parts are not available.

    3. Solo Music (with and without piano) for the following instruments:
      Piano. Other plucked instruments (banjo, dobro, steel guitar, bass guitar, others). Trombone, bass trombone.
      Harpsichord. Flute, alto flute and piccolo. Euphonium, baritone.
      Organ. Oboe. Tuba.
      Violin. Bassoon. Snare drum.
      Viola. English Horn. Other brass (various clefs and keys).
      Violoncello. Clarinet (soprano, alto, clarinet in A, bass, contra bass). Timpani.
      Double Bass. Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone). Keyboard percussion (bells, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone).
      Harp. Recorder (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, contra bass). Multiple percussion.
      Guitar. Other woodwinds (various clefs and keys). Hand drum (bongo, conga, djembe, others).
      Lute. Trumpet (Bb,C,D,Eb,F, piccolo). Drum set.
      Mandolin. Horn. Other percussion.

    4. Solo instruments (s) or voice(s) with orchestra.
      1. Study scores.
      2. Full scores.

    5. Method books and etude books for all orchestral instruments.

    6. Orchestral excerpt books.

    7. Popular music song albums (urban popular music, blues, country, rock & roll, oldies, nostalgia, etc.).
      1. P/V/G personality folios.
      2. P/V/G mixed folios.
      3. P/V/G duet collections.
      4. Full band transcribed scores.
      5. Fake books.
      6. Song collections with CD's.
      7. Popular Sheet Music.

    8. Dramatic music: operas, operettas, musical comedies, ballets.
      1. Study scores.
      2. Full scores.
      3. Vocal scores.
      4. Vocal selections.
      5. Libretti in original languages and/or English.

    9. Choral music.
      1. Sacred and secular works of significant scale, oratorios, cantatas, madrigals, motets,etc.
        1. Study scores.
        2. Vocal scores with or without accompaniment.
        3. Choral octavos with or without accompaniment.

    10. Vocal music.
      1. Individual art songs.
      2. Vocal collections (art songs, folk songs, others).
      3. Vocal collections with CD's (art songs, folk songs, others).

    11. Concert band music (in accordance with paragraph II.A).
      1. Study scores.
      2. Full scores.

    12. Jazz ensemble music, including transcriptions of historical performances (in accordance with paragraph II.A)
      1. Study scores.
      2. Full scores.
        1. Jazz combo.
        2. Large jazz ensemble/big band.

    13. Electronic music and music of other "advanced" techiques.
        For music with electronic tape or CD:
      1. Supply score and tape.

    1. Do not limit.
    2. +/- Supply editions from the following publishers :
    3. +/- Do not supply editions from the following publishers :


    1. Set of parts for orchestra or band music.
    2. Monuments, collected editions and publisher series.
    3. Critical commentaries.
    4. Juvenilia or material published for educational purposes.
    5. Hymn books or service books for specific religious donominations.
    6. Exclude all scores with spiral or comb binding.
    7. Exclude oversized scores and sets of parts.


    1. Please detail any other criteria that should be included or excluded from your blanket plan.

Upon submitting this form you will be contacted by us to confirm the details of your Blanket Order Plan and to set a start date for scores to be sent. Please also register for our Library New Issue e-Club to receive notice of all new publications for libraries.

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