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New Classroom Resources for 2017 (87)

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Folksong Partners Around the World
Mary Donnelly & George Strid
Ready Set Go Orff!
Cristi Cary Miller & Kathlyn Reynolds
Rhythm Rescue
Lynn M. Brinckmeyer
Feelin' Good
Jill & Michael Gallina
Ice Breakers 3
Valerie Lippoldt Mack & Matthew Udland
Rock Around the '50s
Roger Emerson and John Jacobson
Strum It Up
Sandy Lantz & Gretchen Wahlberg
The Orff Anthology
(Best Lessons from the Legends of Orff-Schulwerk)
Shirley McRae, Jim Solomon, Don Dupont & Brian Hiller
JP's Sousaphone
(An Interactive Storybook About John Philip Sousa)
Andy Beck, Vanessa Christian & Maritza Mascarenhas Sadowsky
Siku's Song
Julia Jordan Kamanda
Once Upon a Music Class
Valeaira Luppens & Greg Foreman
Hungry to Learn
Teresa Jennings
Songs and Chants Without Words
Edwin E. Gordon & Andrea Apostoli
Over in the Meadow
John M. Feierabend
Rhythm Writer
Phyllis Thomas