The John Ness Beck Foundation, an organization that exists to encourage and foster composers of traditional sacred choral music, has awarded second place a composition by David Giardiniere. Giardiniere, Director of Product Evaluation at J.W. Pepper, is also a respected composer and conductor of choral music.  His composition Midnight Clear was reviewed and judged by a group of independent composers and retailers from the Foundation. This award is a particular honor from a foundation that receives my deepest respect.  Back in the early days of Beckenhorst Press, I had the privilege to host Mr. Beck on a choral reading session.  His pleasant demeanor and high musical standards were a strong combination in a live presentation.  It is most satisfying that, symbolically at least, our paths would cross again with this recognition of "Midnight Clear." For more information, visit the John Ness Beck Foundation. Pepper History Find us at or at Follow our music blog at: