The C. L. Barnhouse Company presented their prestigious "Barney" Award to J. W. Pepper at this year's Chicago Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic.  The "Barney" is presented in honor of company founder, C. L. "Barney" Barnhouse, Jr.  The Barnhouse company has previously recognized exceptional composers such as James Swearingen and Ed Huckeby with this award.  The histories of the Barnhouse and Pepper companies have intertwined for more than one hundred years, reflecting the cultural growth of the nation in both music education and music performance.

The award is inscribed with the message, "Presented to J.W. Pepper in recognition of and appreciation for over a century of exceptional marketing and distribution of C.L. Barnhouse publications."

The award was presented by Barnhouse Chief Executive Officer Andy Clark to the following representatives of J.W. Pepper:  John Yehling, Chicago; Ron Allen, Kansas City; Russ Bullis, Vice President and General Manager, Indianapolis; Ian McLoughlin, Paoli; and Paul Smith, Vice President and Operations Manager, Paoli.   Clark added the Barnhouse staff had located an old business ledger which showed a sale to J.W. Pepper in the amount of $2.35 and 3 cents postage dating from 1883.

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