J.W. Pepper announced today it will be donating proceeds from its sheet music sales for the song We Are the World to the American Red Cross Haitian Relief Fund.   This means every time a choir, band or individual musician purchases the sheet music for We Are the World from J.W. Pepper they are supporting the recovery effort  for the Haitian people.  The donation will include a percentage of sales from both traditional print and download versions of the song. According to Kathy Fernandes, Vice President of Marketing for J.W. Pepper, "The 1985 version of We Are the World remains active in our catalog, along with new versions based upon the recent 2010 recording.  Every piece of We Are the World sheet music sold will add to the donation amount for the relief fund."   Fernandes added that marrying music with a relief effort is a natural extension for Pepper customers.  "As musicians, our customers tend to be supportive of their communities and often extend that support to other communities in need as well.  It really is an amazing group, and we hope they'll feel good about their musical performance providing tangible help to those in extreme need." Many Pepper employees have also participated in individual and group efforts to support  Haitian recovery.  Of note is a collection effort in the corporate headquarters organized by Debbie Anderson through Living Hope Mission, an organization centered in Haiti.  This ongoing collection has already yielded many cases of medical and household supplies donated by the Pepper staff.   In addition, a second collection coordinated with two Chester County hospitals has brought crutches, canes and medical boots to patients in Haiti as well, with this company effort spearheaded by Ann Gardner and Brian Newton. Sheet Music for We Are the World J.W. PepperŪ, leading retailer of sheet music in the world, has been in business for 134 years, with 14 locations across the country including the corporate headquarters in Chester County, Pennsylvania. JWpepper.com Pepper History Find us at facebook.com/jwpepper or at twitter.com/jwpepper Follow our music blog at: blogs.jwpepper.com