J.W. Pepper is pleased to announce Linda Schmidt, Vice President and Regional Marketing Manager, will be joining the national editorial staff to oversee the company's classroom music efforts. Schmidt has long supported the efforts of music teachers, directors and students in her four state territory of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. In addition to her many contributions to the music community in her states, Schmidt is a tireless advocate for music and has developed many personal connections with musicians.
"It's Linda's connection with teachers and directors and her earnest desire to help them in their roles as musicians that makes her so well suited to join the national team," says Kathy Fernandes, Vice-President of Marketing. "Linda will join us in the company headquarters in Paoli, Pennsylvania to oversee classroom music activities." In addition to her new role with classroom music, Schmidt will also contribute in the choral music area. According to Dr. David Giardiniere, Director of Product Evaluation, "We are thrilled to have her come and join our staff in evaluating new publications. Her knowledge honed over the years will be welcomed on a more national stage." Schmidt began her career through Eckroth Music in 1974, then later joined the Pepper organization as Vice President of Regional Marketing (North Dakota Division). J.W. PepperŪ, the leading retailer of sheet music in the world, has been in business for over 134 years, with 14 locations across the country. JWpepper.com Pepper History