Michelle Gutoske, Vice President and Regional Marketing Manager for J.W. Pepper and Son, Inc. was recognized in an award presented to her at the Wisconsin State Music Conference held in October 2011.  Gutoske received the 2011 Distinguished Service Award for the Music Industry as described on the plaque, "in recognition of sustained service and support to music and music education." Gutoske, pictured here with President of the Wisconsin Music Educators Association, Richard Tengowski, was honored to receive the award from the organization.  She has long served Wisconsin music educators through support of state music festivals, conferences, advocacy events and is a regular supporter and attendee of state conferences. According to Dave Buckeyne, Vice President of Regional Marketing at J.W. Pepper, "I have enjoyed working with Michelle for over 22 years.  I have always looked up to her and have tried to emulate her expertise at networking. She is the best!"  Buckeyne further adds that Gutoske's networking ability puts people in contact with others that can help them meet their goals.  For many years Gutoske and her staff have spearheaded the efforts at Pepper to provide easy access to the state's extensive festival music lists. Gutoske is responsible for making sure the music needed in the state is ready for students to access, and is easy for parents and teachers to obtain.  Making sure things are in place for musicians to succeed in the state of Wisconsin is at the heart of Gutoske's success.  According to Buckeyne,  "Michelle understands how to help people and organizations through her role here at Pepper.  I couldn't be happier that she has been recognized for her work in Wisconsin." J.W. PepperŪ, the leading retailer of sheet music in the world, has been serving musicians for over 130 years, with 14 locations across the country. JWpepper.com Pepper History Find us at facebook.com/jwpepper or at twitter.com/jwpepper Follow our blog at: blogs.jwpepper.com