Exton, PA - The Fundraising division of J.W. Pepper and Son, Inc. is launching a new and greatly improved website.  The purpose of the update is to make a more user-friendly environment, both for those looking to run a fundraiser and those shopping an existing sale.  People wishing to run a sale now have everything they need to get started right at their fingertips.The new site makes it easier to find all the information users need to get started as well as clear instructions and suggestions on how to run their fundraiser.  Directions lay out everything from start to finish and are easy to follow and navigate.  Users can even book their fundraiser on the site with a one-page registration process that was previously unavailable in digital form. For those looking to shop, the new site makes it easier to select a fundraiser and browse for merchandise.  The items are laid out in an easy to navigate format that allows users to get a closer look at each product before they make their purchases. The site changes go live February 25th. PepperŽ is a member of the Association of Fundraising Distributers and Suppliers (AFRDS), an organization that supports best practices in the fundraising industry.  The leading retailer of sheet music in the world, J.W. Pepper and SonŽ has been in business for over 130 years, with 11 store locations and 2 distribution centers across the country. Pepperfundraising.com Pepper History