Cathy Morris FJH Music Company Inc
10307191E Medium
In an impressive tour-de-force fusion/rock original, you'll feel the spotlight as your players burn up the stage. With a solo electric violin feature, the strings and rhythm section get in the pocket groove to... view detailsview details
String Orchestra, Percussion Required  $55.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Score 1 $6.00
Solo Violin 1 $5.99
Violin 1 8 $5.99
Violin 2 8 $5.99
Viola 5 $5.99
Cello 5 $5.99
Bass 5 $5.99
Keyboard 1 $5.99
Electric Bass 1 $5.99
Drum Set 1 $5.99
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