Hans Zimmer/arr. Mike Story Alfred Music Publishing
10445707E Easy

Part 3 of the "Man of Steel" halftime show opens with a powerful and driving percussion feature based on the Oil Rig action scene. A reprise of the main theme leads into the... view detailsview details

Marching Band  $60.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Score 1 $7.00
Flute 5 $3.00
1st F Horn 2 $3.00
1st Trombone 3 $3.00
Baritone B.C. 2 $3.00
Tuba 3 $3.00
Electric Bass 3 $3.00
Bells 1 $3.00
Xylophone 1 $3.00
Snare Drum 6 $3.00
Quad-Toms 3 $3.00
Tonal Bass Drum 5 $3.00
Cymbals 2 $3.00
Drums 2 $3.00
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