Rick Lawn Kendor Music, Inc.
10513239E Medium

A Little Minor Setback is a slower swing chart built on an extended 16-bar minor blues. This relaxed original shifts between two and four feels to create subtle contrasts within the swing style,... view detailsview details

Jazz Ensemble  $52.00Qty:
Additional Parts
Part Parts in SetPriceQty
Drum Set 1 $4.50
Bass 1 $4.50
Piano 1 $4.50
Guitar 1 $4.50
Guitar 1 $4.50
4th Trombone 1 $4.50
3rd Trombone 1 $4.50
2nd Trombone 1 $4.50
1st Trombone 1 $4.50
4th Bb Trumpet 1 $4.50
3rd Bb Trumpet 1 $4.50
2nd Bb Trumpet 1 $4.50
1st Bb Trumpet 1 $4.50
Full Score 1 $7.00
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